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“How Do I Sign-Up for Medicare Insurance Plan?”

Helping The Community, One Consultation at a Time

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Medicare Benefit consultations can be confusing and time consuming if you are unsure about what you are doing. We take the confusion out of the equation. There are many ways to sign-up for a Medicare insurance plan. For years, we have been using a simple, 3-step process to help our clients get the most out of their Medicare insurance. We are able to look at Medicare beneficiaries’ current plans and situations and then able to see where our clients can save money and get extra benefits through switching to other insurance plans. Here is our tested 3-step process to finding the plan that works best for your situation.

How It Works

1. A Benefit Analysis is performed.

A introductory call is conducted. In this call, an advisor will ask qualifying questions about your needs, your unique situation, and to give you an overview of how we can help you. Prospective clients usually ask questions about our services during this call.

2. An Appointment is Booked.

Depending on the clients needs and/or location, a phone appointment, a Skype appointment, or an in-person appointment is booked. It is advised that prospective clients prepare the necessary documents and information for the appointment.

3. The Appointment.

The advisor first goes over the basics of Medicare and Medicare-contracted plans. Then, the advisor goes over the information from the benefit analysis and the choices available to the client. The client or decision maker (i.e. Person named under Healthcare Power of Attorney) can decide to sign-up or not, depending on the result of the appointment.

“Do I have to pay for this service?”

No! All of our services are completely free to you.

Do you want all of the following:

  • Professional, unbiased consultations
  • Over 20 years of combined experience in California, Oregon and Washington (and if you move to any of these states, we can still help you)
  • A licensed and certified consultant to walk you through the enrollment process

All with no cost to you.

We are compensated by the insurance companies that you enroll with, so you don’t have to pay to work with us.

The Next Step:

Contact us to set-up a free consultation. Together, we can see which plan is suited for your needs. OR Contact us for a free, no-obligation Medicare health plan quote.

Get Help with Your Benefits

By emailing or calling us, you will be connected with a licensed, and insured sales broker.

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My Medicare Plan Advisor

My Medicare Plan Advisor is an insurance broker company that specializes in providing people who are 64.5+, people nearing retirement, seniors, and people with disabilities personalized Medicare plans and no-cost Medicare Plan consultations to Medicare recipients in California, Oregon and Washington. We have many years of experience in providing advice in Medicare Advantage/ Part C plans, Supplement/Medi-gap, Prescription Drug plans/Part D, and Dental plans. There is no need to settle for mediocre health care as we are here to help find the right plan for you.

I would be bereft if I didn’t send an official ‘Thank You’ for both of you coming to my home this morning to visit with me and to clarify what, to me, is an extremely confusing process. Not only did you both make it VERY non-confusing, but you made me feel better by just being here to help. I hope that you get more appreciation than I dare to believe you probably don’t; but, officially, from me:  you get a BIG THANK YOU! Thank you for your kindness, knowledge and just all around helpfu… Read more
Chris F.