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My Medicare Plan Advisor

My Medicare Plan Advisor is an insurance broker company that specializes in providing people who are 64.5+, people nearing retirement, seniors, and people with disabilities personalized Medicare plans and no-cost Medicare Plan consultations to Medicare recipients in California, Oregon and Washington. We have many years of experience in providing advice in Medicare Advantage/ Part C plans, Supplement/Medi-gap, Prescription Drug plans/Part D, and Dental plans. There is no need to settle for mediocre health care as we are here to help find the right plan for you.

I would be bereft if I didn’t send an official ‘Thank You’ for both of you coming to my home this morning to visit with me and to clarify what, to me, is an extremely confusing process. Not only did you both make it VERY non-confusing, but you made me feel better by just being here to help. I hope that you get more appreciation than I dare to believe you probably don’t; but, officially, from me:  you get a BIG THANK YOU! Thank you for your kindness, knowledge and just all around helpfu… Read more
Chris F.